Frequently Asked Questions

01 What exactly are AI virtual assistants?
AKIA´s assistants are an interface represented by a 3D avatar that allows the user to access all cognitive services provided by Google Cloud and IBM Watson as weil as other services thus, providing services with all the potential of these platforms.
02 How can they help my business?
AI virtual assistants are programmed to assist companies automate tasks and create reliable sources of communication with clients in order to increase sales and reduce costs while providing a new customer experience. AKIA´s system huge advantage is that there is no learning process, making AKIAs interface accessible to all age groups, irrespective of their knowledge of computers.
03 Where do people interact with them?
Out assistants are 3D avatars created with the technology of Unity. They can be deployed across any channel including augmented reality, virtual reality, holographic projections, mobile and web.
04 What are their capabilities?
AI Virtual Assistants: –Understand: Once installed, the assistants are ready to listen, understand and answer questions in real time just like in any conversation between people. –Learn: Each assistant creates a user profile that allows it to tailor its responses to each person´s taste. Therefore, the higher the level of interactions the better the quality of the information provided by the avatar. –Speak languages: Assistants are fluent in English, French, Spanish, Russian, German and Chinese and can process, in real time, thousands of questions simultaneously. The list of capabilities also includes, among other, visual recognition, database processing (big-data), trend prediction and image recognition. As a result, the avatars have full array of applications for any sector including industrial, medical and tourism. They can understand 3 has a better understanding of client requests, and is capable of more flexible and lucid dialogue. She’s better at delivering fast and accurate responses to fact-based queries. Amelia can be trained to recognize words and phrases in more than 100 languages. We added facial recognition and authentication. She can absorb training-manual length documents in seconds.
05  How are they different from a chatbot?
Our assistants have the ability to answer questions in real time with a voice and emotions dramatically increases levels of user trust, engagement, and satisfaction. We’ve improved her sentimental analysis so that she uses empathy to adjust the tone of conversations and facial expressions providing for a very a agreeable experience.
06 Can I change the appearance of my assistant?
AI virtual assistants are represented by a 3D avatar programmed with Unity.  The interface is fully customizable to match the values and image of the brand they represent.
07 Who trains the assistants?
In order to train your assistant, we work closely with your technology team to enrich the systems’ knowledge. This could be a simple process as uploading some Q&A questions from a database or very complex, depending on the task you want them to perform. We encourage clients to build their knowledge starting with user interactions by providing information that allow assistants to learn the conversational framework of their business. As the business advances with the system,  we can then enrich their abilities to complete any industry-specific analytics to classify and organize big data and be used in decision–making tasks. To that extent, we train and develop customized workspaces that answer to the specific needs of each of our clients. Applied to the internet of things , we connect the assistants with automation hardware and software for industrial and control purposes Additional usages include the creation links with commutated network in call centers. We recommend working with our team for the initial use case. Clients can train their assistants themselves for secondary and tertiary use cases.
08 How long does it take to deploy this service?
Each case is unique depending on the tasks you want them to perform. The visual design of your avatar usually takes 1 month. Basic information-interactive services usually take two months. All other capabilities are analyzed and implemented on a case by case basis.
09 Will your assistants integrate with my legacy systems?
Our software delivers plain text, common language that can be  translated to any sql or database query  so it can be used with any legacy product APIs and SDK have to be developed and delivered by the software developer wshic are Basic information-interactive services usually take two months. All other capabilities are analyzed and implemented on a case by case basis.
10 Do you have any solutions ready to deploy?
Over the last two years, the AKIA team has been developing several new and exciting solutions that are ready for implementation: The Weather Man:A 3D avatar that gives weather information in 5 languages. Call Center:Phone call management through a virtual call center handled by AI assistants that can connect with sales representatives at no cost to both sides. Information Officer:Connected to a business, AKIA´s virtual assistants can give information on the business, products and services as well as make reservations.
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