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Chose your assistants´ appearance.

Reduce phone calls and mails by 40%.

Train them to serve your needs.

Increase conversion on average by 30%.

Serve customers 24/7 in six languages.

Improve clients´ satisfaction.

Human Bots

Transform how your brand serves and interacts with your customers by creating human friendly experiences that help attract, automate, and analyze their engagements.

Artificial intelligence humanoid assistants with the knowledge of  Google Cloud, Amazon Machine Learning and IBM Watson and the power of Unity are the next generations of bots, able to recognize natural language and answer with emotions.

why AI avatars

AKIA´s avatars realistic and friendly appearance humanize technology breaking barriers of human-machine interaction. Users can speak with an avatar that listens, interprets and answers back in real time with human voice and emotions.


Virtual assistants help deliver business value, while also creating new lines of revenue and new customer experiences.


They can be deployed across any channel including AR, VR, holographic projections, mobile and web.


Through AI your assistants gain value as the user interactions increase allowing to build and analyze data.

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our avatars

All of the virtual assistants are customized to represent your company’s values and help achieve your sales and marketing goals.

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